20 tips for Writing a Personal & Meaningful Eulogy

Need to write a eulogy? It doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

Here are some things you may consider including. Use it as a template – fill out the information for those areas that are relevant, then bring it together in the order you would like to deliver it.

The best eulogies follow the four ‘H’s: honest and heartfelt, with humanity and a touch of humour.

  1. When and where was they were born
  2. Nicknames and/or names they are known by to others
  3. Parents names; where they met and married
  4. Brothers and sisters
  5. Early childhood – localities and interests
  6. Schools attended, awards gained
  7. Academic or trade qualifications; achievements
  8. Anecdotes about childhood days
  9. Details of any war or military service
  10. Marriages, divorces, children, significant relationships
  11. Grandchildren/great grandchildren
  12. Their faith, church membership and favourite verses
  13. Sporting moments or achievements
  14. Hobbies, interests, travel, crafts etc.
  15. Details of historical significance
  16. Preferences, likes and dislikes
  17. Activities they enjoyed, e.g. music, theatre, gardening etc.
  18. Special stories or qualities that are significant to others
  19. Phrases, sayings or expressions they often used
  20. Meaningful readings, music, or poetry
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