Do I choose burial or cremation for my family member?

When you have been tasked with arranging a funeral for a beloved friend or family member, one of the first decisions you’ll be asked to make is whether to choose burial or cremation. Often, this decision will have been made by the deceased but, if not, Living Hope Funerals is here to help.

Each has its own set of advantages, so it will come down to what’s best for your family and loved ones. Learn more in this guide from the experts at Living Hope Funerals.

Benefits of Burial

Burial is when a coffin with the deceased’s body is lowered into the grave and covered over with soil.

The process of the burial can help a mourning family with the grieving process, as they can say goodbye while still feeling connected to their loved ones. The sight of a coffin being lowered into the earth gives closure to some families, allowing them to say their final goodbyes properly.

Many families choose a Christian burial because it offers the permanence of a gravesite. Wherever the burial takes place, it’s usually in a beautiful location where relatives can pay their respects and leave flowers in memory of a person who has left the world but not our hearts. In this way, a burial can aid with the transition that comes with mourning.

Benefits of Cremation

What about a Christian Cremation? Cremation is where the body of your loved one is reduced to ashes.

There are many reasons why families choose to cremate.
Cremation is a simple and moving ceremony that can be adapted to your loved one’s unique needs and wants. It is also a more cost-effective option, as you can see from our pricing guide.

Cremation gives the family the freedom to disperse the ashes anywhere that seems suitable, creating a unique and personal way to say goodbye to your loved one at a time that feels right for you.

Some families choose to use the cremated remains to grow a living tree, which can serve as a living memorial for visitors. The ashes can also be put into a memorial wall at a cemetery or kept at home in a tasteful urn.

A Moving Christian Cremation or Burial

Living Hope Funerals offers a number of Christian services to celebrate the life of a beloved friend or family member.

When you need a Christian funeral service to help you celebrate the life of the one you love, contact Living Hope Funerals online or by calling 1800 177 166.

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