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living through grief

Living Through Grief

Presented by an experienced chaplain and counsellor in an approachable and sensitive way, this seminar will be tailored for your group. We explore the various facets of grief and allow plenty of time for questions and discussion.

  • What is grief and how does it impact us?
  • How do we practically and sensitively help someone who is grieving?

Suitable for those who have recently lost a loved
one or those who wish to support them. Highly beneficial for pastoral care leaders and teams.

Mature male and female couple sitting in front of coffee table, the male is flicking through a book, the female is holding a coffee mug, both are looking at the book

Planning Ahead

Our experienced funeral planners conduct helpful and practical one-hour seminars to provide a clear understanding of the decisions that may arise in the later stages of life, including the associated costs. We conduct seminars in churches, social groups and other gatherings.

Topics include:

  • Planning a funeral
  • Making a will
  • Choosing a guardian and/or power of attorney
  • Selecting an aged care home

We answer questions, provide handouts and give details of where to look for more information.

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