Points to consider when choosing a coffin for your loved one

Choosing a coffin can be one of the most confronting parts of making funeral arrangements. The team at Living Hope truly understand the emotional pain of choosing a coffin for your loved one and we’re here to help you get through it.  

Whether for a cremation or burial, there is an appropriate coffin for every budget and situation. So where to start? There are so many types of coffins out there, varying in material, shape, size, colour and cost. The first thing to establish is your budget, then secondly, the most suitable style. Having an idea how much you are willing to spend allows you to narrow down your options, making it an easier task to find the right coffin. 

  • How much do they cost?

The typical price of a coffin ranges from about $500-$3500, depending on the manufacturing, materials and supplier. All of these factors determine the cost, so thinking about whether any of these matter to you can help with your decision.

  • Personalising the coffin

Cardboard coffins (which can be decorated), traditional coffins, eco coffins, woven caskets, timber coffins, banana leaf caskets and bamboo caskets are some of the options available to choose from.  You may also consider having images printed and wrapped over the coffin or decorate it yourself.  Sometimes a simple coffin can be draped and completely covered with meaningful fabric, a covering or items that are unique and special to your loved one.

  • Colour and design of coffin

Detail can be very important when picking out your coffin, which is why the colour and design is something that should be considered. Each coffin will come with a range of corresponding colours that will vary, depending on the type of material chosen. 

Various timber-look and veneers can come in white, walnut, mahogany, rosewood, maple, ashwood and teak. Features on the coffin, such as the handles and lining, are small additions that are typically passed over but add to the overall look. 

Get in touch with Living Hope Funerals and we can help talk through the choice of coffin suitable for your budget and wishes. Or look through our catalogue, then together we can discuss how to personalise the coffin to honour, celebrate and reflect your loved one.

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