The question we have all thought: Why are funerals so expensive?

When it comes to planning a funeral, there are many decisions to make. The most important being, how to celebrate the life of our loved one while providing an honouring event for people to say goodbye. 

According to the NSW Government website, in 2022 funerals in NSW cost on average between $5,000 and $8,000. Costs vary depending on:

  • what is included as part of the service; 
  • where your location is; and 
  • the funeral director you use. 

For example, a burial is more expensive than a cremation, especially if the family does not already have a burial plot. To purchase a plot can be very expensive in some cemeteries because space is so limited. If you need a plot for burial and are not tied to a particular cemetery, consider getting prices from a few different cemeteries. The difference can be significant.

It is possible to have what is known as a Non-Attended/No Service Cremation or Burial. This means there is no funeral service, as the deceased is taken direct from a mortuary to be cremated or buried without any family in attendance. Whilst this is the least expensive option, it misses the significant and important step of celebrating the life and giving family and friends an appropriate way to say their farewells. 

Below are the typical items included in a funeral that all contribute to the overall cost: 

  • Transporting the deceased from where they died, to a mortuary
  • Mortuary care and preparation for viewing and/or cremation or burial
  • The coffin or casket (there is a wide range of materials and styles possible)
  • Transporting the deceased from the mortuary to the funeral and/or cemetery
  • Legal documentation (medical cause of death form and death certificate)
  • E-invites to inform of the date and venue for the service
  • Orders of Service designed and printed
  • Photo presentation preparation
  • Fees for use of church, chapel and celebrant/or minister
  • Flowers, such as a coffin spray, wreaths, arrangements and single roses to lay on the coffin
  • Catering for a ‘celebration of life’, also known as a ‘wake’

In addition to the above, the Cemetery or Crematorium charge for cremation, burial, ashes internment and burial plot purchase.  

There is also the Professional Fee of the funeral director company that covers costs associated with coordinating and delivering all of the elements involved in the funeral.

Our team will never pressure families, providing only honest and ethical service with transparent, upfront pricing. We will talk you through each step of planning a funeral and the associated costs, then give you a quote so you can make an informed decision. We will not ask for any upfront payments.

The Living Hope Funeral team are experienced in arranging all the above elements and bringing everything together into a meaningful and honouring funeral service. 

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