What to do when there is a death in the family?

Losing a family member is one of the most difficult things someone can experience. To help you through this difficult time, Living Hope Funerals provides contemporary Christian funerals in Hurstville and Southern Sydney. Here’s our guide on how to get started.

Step 1: Contact

The person in charge of planning a funeral will be either the executor of the will or a close relative.

Once you know who has the responsibility, they can contact your local funeral provider. The funeral planner will arrange to collect your loved one and transport them to the funeral home.

Step 2: Discuss

The funeral planner will meet with you and/or your family, at a time that suits you, to plan the funeral, burial or cremation.

This is an opportunity to prepare a memorable and personal tribute for your loved one. We’ll discuss their wishes, as well as those of your family, and any requirements you have. We’ll talk about the parts of a funeral or memorial ceremony, including what should be in an obituary, and other details.

Step 3: Personalise

Organising a funeral often means personalising it, to create a fitting tribute for the your loved one. We’ll help you with celebrating their life with optional personal touches such as music, visual presentations, speeches and more. Whether that’s playing a favourite song or a poem, or creating a unique dress code, there are plenty of ideas we can discuss with you.

Step 4: The Service

We will hold the memorial service at a time of your choosing, with the guests you wish to invite. A life-affirming service will be conducted by a pastor or Christian celebrant, at a chapel, local church or other venue of your choice.

Step 5: Burial or Cremation

Now it’s time to say goodbye to your loved one. This can be non-attended, or you may wish to have a short service at the burial or cremation site.

Step 6: Gathering

Finally, we gather together at a special location with friends and family. This is often a time to farewell a loved one by sharing stories and memories.

This is not, however, the end of our support. Our team will touch base with you after the funeral to check in and discuss beneficial bereavement support options.

When you need a Christian funeral service to help you celebrate the life of the one you love, contact Living Hope Funerals online or by calling 1800 177 166.

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