Who should I notify after my parent, spouse or partner dies?

In the middle of grieving the loss of your loved one, it’s not always easy to think about the practical things that might need to happen, when they need to happen and how to action them. For example, who do you need to notify when someone dies?

Living Hope Funerals provide a set of forms to help families contact various NSW agencies. We also apply, on the family’s behalf, to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages for a death certificate. We provide multiple copies of the death certificate to the family, signed by a Justice of the Peace, that can then be sent to relevant parties, such as solicitors.

On the Services Australia website there are some very useful sections that clarify who needs to be notified and how to do it. It also provides links and phone numbers for other agencies and departments. It’s easy to follow and gives details of who needs to be notified and when. 

Here is a link to the Services Australia website

Another useful website is the Australian Bereavement Register. Using this website will stop mail being posted out to the deceased

Living Hope Funerals have a team of experienced and compassionate funeral planners to help you with questions and point you in the right direction. Contact us today if you would like some help. Do check out our other helpful articles on what to do when someone dies and how to arrange a funeral.

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