Your funeral, your way – Benefits of prearranged funerals

When a family member passes away the grief felt by those remaining can be overwhelming and all consuming. The last thing grieving people need is to make complicated decisions about funeral arrangements.

Prearranged funerals are becoming increasingly popular because they take all the stress and burden off your grieving family. It lets them pay their final respects and say goodbye exactly how you want them to, while being able to focus on coping with their pain and loss.

Here are some other advantages.

  • Make it easier on your family

A prearranged funeral means your family doesn’t have to have any discussions or arguments about what type of funeral arrangements you want.

Most people have never arranged a funeral before and wouldn’t know where to start. They don’t need the added stress and pain of being left to do it once you’re gone. There is no ambiguity about your final wishes. You can even discuss your arrangements with your family, so everyone knows what to expect.

  • Fully personalised funeral

Even if you leave detailed instructions there’s always a chance they can be misunderstood or misinterpreted. By arranging everything yourself while you’re still alive you can be sure of the funeral you expect.

You can seek professional advice or plan your funeral service with your spouse or friends; it’s entirely up to you. Everything can be prearranged right down to the smallest detail, which relieves your grieving family of the stress and responsibility.

  • Your funeral, your way

No matter what you have in mind as your final send-off, it can all be prearranged in accordance with your wishes.

Other family members might not approve of your final wishes, especially if your wishes are not traditional. Others might try to alter things, but your funeral director can ensure your requests are carried out.

Your family members should have copies of the funeral arrangements so they can also ensure your funeral is just as you wanted it to be.

Arranging a Funeral

Living Hope Funerals understand the importance of the right funeral service. We’re here to support, guide and help you choose the right funeral service and a meaningful farewell for yourself or a loved one.

We offer a range of funeral services to help you honour and celebrate life, with genuine compassion and personalised services to suit your individual requirements.

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