15 ways to personalise your loved one’s funeral

Here are some ideas to help you add a personal touch to the memorial service of your much-loved family member or friend, creating a celebration of their live that those attending will always remember.

MemoryCreate a board with post-it notes and pens for guests to share special memories and moments.
StoryProvide a box with small cards to drop in a personal story or inspiring anecdote from their life.
PlantGive each guest a small plant or packet of seeds they can plant in memory of an avid gardener.
SongOne daughter played her Dad’s favourite song ‘Sweet Caroline’ at his funeral – very moving and powerful. 
PoemRead out a favourite poem or poet in the service or include in the order of service booklet.
WrapYou can personalise the coffin with a themed wrap from animals, nature and surf to the Australian flag.
PerformanceFor creative art lovers, consider having someone sing or dance at their memorial service.
FeastYou may like to include their favourite food at the after gathering, e.g. pizza, seafood or an Aussie BBQ.
Dress codeInvite guests to dress in the favourite colour of your loved one or even vibrant colours, as was the request of three young girls for their mum’s memorial service.
PhotoAsk guests to bring a copy of their favourite photo of your loved one and create a photo board.
LegacyConsider making a donation to their charity of choice as an alternative to sending flowers.
StarBuy and name a star for them, a gift that will be recorded in the Australian Star Registry.
RecipeShare a favourite recipe they loved to cook on a recipe card for all the guests in the order of service.
KeepsakePurchase an item that can be signed by all guests (e.g. teddy bear) and retained as a keepsake of the day
ArtworkPrint a copy of their work on card for all guests who attend the memorial service. 
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