5 benefits of choosing an independent Funeral Director

Did you realise not all funeral directors and funeral homes are the same? Some belong to large multinational businesses; others are family owned; whilst the remainder are small, independent funeral ...
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4 Ways to Support your Loved One at End of Life

Dying is a natural, biological progression that occurs when an individual’s body can no longer sustain life. While the physical process of dying is relatively predictable, the emotional and spiritual ...
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Who should I notify after my parent, spouse or partner dies?

In the middle of grieving the loss of your loved one, it’s not always easy to think about the practical things that might need to happen, when they need to ...
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How to choose honouring and memorable music for a funeral

Music, stretching across all styles and genres, is extremely important to so many people. It’s as though we each have a unique soundtrack of our very own… the accompaniment to ...
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How to Choose a Beautiful Bible Reading for a Funeral Service

One of the most moving and appropriate things to do at a funeral or memorial service is to read a passage from the Bible. Perhaps your loved one had a ...
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Burial or Cremation: What should you choose when planning a funeral?

Planning a funeral can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with the grief of losing a loved one. Living Hope Funerals understand how hard this can be. That’s why we provide ...
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How to help young children attend and process a funeral

Funeral directors are sometimes asked if it is appropriate for children to attend or participate in a funeral. Living Hope Funerals believe the parents know their children best and how ...
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How can I safely transport my loved one’s ashes on a plane?

After a cremation, you may need to travel interstate or overseas with your loved one’s ashes. Or you may wish to travel by plane to a special family location so ...
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Points to consider when choosing a coffin for your loved one

Choosing a coffin can be one of the most confronting parts of making funeral arrangements. The team at Living Hope truly understand the emotional pain of choosing a coffin for ...
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Grief: 5 ways you may experience it after a loss

When we lose a loved one, we enter a season of grief. How long that season lasts and how deeply we are affected will vary, depending on the person and ...
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Sudden Death: Reflections to help you process, cope and move forward

When death is expected there is time to prepare. Time to process the coming loss and let it sink in. But sudden death can be very different. Whether accidental, traumatic, ...
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First Nations middle aged lady smiling and holding a toddler in her arms who is also smiling

How To Create a Beautiful Photo Video Presentation for a Funeral

One of the most significant and moving moments in a funeral service is the photographic slideshow or video. Usually set to music that was important to your loved one, these ...
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These are the 7 things that make funerals so expensive

Funerals can be expensive, but when we think of honouring the person who died, remembering their life, and giving friends and family the opportunity to say farewell, it puts the ...
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20 tips for Writing a Personal & Meaningful Eulogy

Need to write a eulogy? It doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Here are some things you may consider including. Use it as a template – fill out the information for ...
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Elderly male sitting and smiling, a young boy hugging and kissing him on his right, and a young girl sitting on his left knee kissing him on the cheek.

Why celebrating life is so important at a funeral

When it comes to a funeral, some opt for the bare essentials. This is a less expensive way to do it and gets everything done quickly. However, it shortcuts a ...
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15 ways to personalise your loved one’s funeral

Here are some ideas to help you add a personal touch to the memorial service of your much-loved family member or friend, creating a celebration of their live that those attending ...
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