Funerals that celebrate life & lives well lived

Losing someone you love can be an overwhelming experience.
Our caring team supports you and your family, taking care of every detail.We come to you, and guide you through the whole funeral process

Together we create a personal and meaningful farewell.

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An authentic and contemporary, faith-based funeral provider that brings hope and peace to grieving family and friends

Why choose
Living Hope

Because we’re a little different. We provide:

  • An authentic and contemporary, faith-based funeral service that brings hope and peace to grieving family and friends.

  • An optimistic and inspiring celebration of a life well-lived that is deeply personal and uniquely crafted around the personality and passions of your loved one.

Authentically Christian

Living Hope Funerals delivers a bespoke and authentic faith-based experience that:

  • Honours God and honours the deceased
  • Cares for the grieving and transforms grief
  • Celebrates life and brings hope to the living
  • Delivers a differentiated fair value service
  • Supports Christian mission and the community.

Not just another funeral company

We’re here for the community

We support the wider community, especially those most often overlooked. Children, the elderly and those with special needs are a special focus for us.

  • Child-friendly funerals with support for young children who have lost a parent.
  • After-funeral gatherings catered by local social enterprises who employ special needs staff.
  • Free chaplain services to residents of local aged care facilities.
  • Support for local church health and growth through our profit-for-purpose structure.


A contemporary, faith-based funeral provider who helps you honour and celebrate a life.

Why choose
Living Hope

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