Starting that difficult conversation about end-of-life wishes

It can be daunting, thinking about your own death. Then talking to your family can be uncomfortable and confronting. It is, however, a conversation that needs to be started.

The thought of planning your own funeral or discussing your end-of-life wishes might be hard, but your family needs to know your opinion and thoughts on the subject so they can carry out your final requests.

Think before you discuss

Before you try to start that difficult conversation… confront your own mortality and decide what your end-of-life wishes are.

Once you’re clear on what you want, there could be some things you’d like to discuss and get feedback on from the family to help you make your final decision.

 Do it while you still can

Broaching the end-of-life conversation with your family might sound like something you could possibly put off for a few more years, but the sooner you make your wishes known the better.

You never know what might happen and if something does, and you’re incapable of speaking, your family may have to make painful and difficult decisions without your input.

Your wishes could change over time but have a plan in place now just to be sure, and tell multiple family members, not just one or two.

 Put it in writing

Whatever your end-of-life wishes are, make sure they’re properly documented, and your family knows where you keep them.

A ‘living will’ is a popular option for setting out your specific wishes for medical treatment and end-of-life care. Make sure your wishes are clear and concise, and easily understood by everyone, not just your doctor.

Ease them into it

Rather than just coming out and starting to talk about your end of life wishes and funeral arrangements… rather alarming for your family, ease them into it gently.

Look for opportunities to start the conversation, such as a recent death in the family, or the passing of an old friend.

Get professional support

Your trusted doctor can be a great help in getting your family on board with your wishes, and they should also know of your plans.

You can get professional advice to help you make your decisions and feel more comfortable that you’re making the right choices for everyone involved.

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